Core Team Lead:
  • Professor Pali Hungin
  • Dr Simon Cooper
  • Dr Richard Stevens 
  • Charlotte Phillips
  Faculty Group Chair:
  • Professor Michael Farthing, Faculty of Medical Sciences, UCL
  • Dr Bea Bakshi, GP & Co-Founder, C the Signs
  • Dr Charlie Bell, Chair, Medical Student Committee BMA
  • Dr John Chisholm, Chair Medical Ethics Committee, BMA
  • Professor Debbie Cohen, Director, Student Support, School of Medicine. Director, Medic Support and the Centre for Psychosocial Research, Occupational and Physician Health, Cardiff University School of Medicine
  • Mr David Cole, Innovation Lead Europe, IBM Watson Health
  • Dr Jocelyn Cornwell, Chief Executive, The Point of Care Foundation
  • Dr Paul Darragh, BMA Chair NI, Public Health Forum
  • Dr Clare Gerada, Medical Director, The Practitioner Health Programme
  • Professor John Gillies, Deputy Director Scottish School of Primary Care, The University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Fiona Godlee, Editor in Chief, The BMJ
  • Mr Richard Gold, Co-author ‘Beyond the Fog’
  • Dr Claire Greszczuk, Clinical Fellow, FMLM
  • Mr Alastair Henderson, Chief Executive, AoMRC
  • Professor David J. Hunter, Professor of Health Policy and Management Institute of Health & Society, Newcastle University
  • Mr Alan Karthikesalingam, Clinical Scientist, Google DeepMind
  • Dr Dominic Johnson, Clinical Sub Dean, Tees Base Unit, Newcastle University 
  • Professor Mayur Lakhani, President, RCGP
  • Mr Phil Martin, Assistant Director for Education, GMC
  • Dr Zaid Al-Najjar, Deputy Medical Director, Practitioner Health Programme and General Practitioner Health Service
  • Mr Chris Walker, Insight & Development Manager, Wesleyan
  • Dr Patricia Wilkie, President and Chairman, NAPP 
  • Mr Andy Wilkins, Co-Author ‘Beyond the Fog’
  • Dr Guy Yeoman, Strategic Lead, MediPace
Workstream leads Public-patient-doctor engagement:         Mr Andy Wilkins Rethinking medical education:                Dr Charlie Bell Leadership for future imagining:             Dr Bea Bakshi Clinicians’ wellbeing:                              Dr Zaid Al-Najjar Technology, informatics, AI:                    Professor Mark Wilson